Classic Freestyle Videos [06-FEB-2019]

1111…Lime vs Dero Rivera – Oh Baby Were Gonna Love Tonight Wanderer Remix DJ EkSeL Edit.mp4
Alisha – Baby Talk (Remix).mp4
Connie – Funky Little Beat (Remix).mp4
Cynthia & Johnny ”O” – Dreamboy, Dreamgirl (LIVE Freestyle Mix) (Remix).mp4
Debbie Deb – Look Out Weekend (Remix).mp4
Debbie Deb – When I Hear Music (DJ EkSeL Club Edit) (Remix).mp4
Debbie Gibson – Only In My Dreams DJ Stitch RemixDJ KosClean.mp4
Debbie Gibson – Only In My Dreams (DJ EkSeL Club Edit) (Remix).mp4
Desire – Crazy Over You (Edit. Orlando).mp4
Expos-_Point_Of_No_Return(ext vers).wmv
Expose – Come Go With Me Perry Mix DJ XXX Edit.mp4
Expose – Point of No Return Perry Mix DJ XXX Edit.mp4
Freeez – Pop Goes My Love (Clean) (Single).mp4
Freestyle – The Party Has Just Begun (Clean) (Dj Yo!Bani Rmx) (djgeo1).mp4
Freestyle -_Dont_Stop_The_Rock.mp4
Freez – A.E.I.O.U. (Clean).mp4
Freeze – Pop Goes My Love (Q’s Club Mix) (Remix).mp4
Information Society – Whats On Your Mind Pure Energy Perry Mix Dvdj Reel V-Edit.mp4
J.D. Hall – Number 1 Lover (Remix).mp4
JOHNNY O – Fantasy girl.mp4
Lime – Babe, We’re Gonna Love Tonight (Remix).mp4
Lime – Come And Get Your Love (Clean).mp4
Lime – Unexpected Lovers (Clean).mp4
Lime – Your Love (Clean).mp4
Linear – Sending All My Love (12 inch) (Remix).mp4
Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam Ft. Full – Can You Feel The Beat (Club Remix) (Remix).mp4
Lisa Lisa And Cult Jam – Head To Toe (Clean).mp4
Lisa Lisa and the Cult Jam – I Wonder If I Take You Home (Clean).mp4
Lisa Lisa and the Cult Jam – Let The Beat Hit Em Perry Mix DJ XXX Edit.mp4
Lissette Melendez – Together Forever (DJ EkSeL 12” Edit) (Remix).mp4
MAgazine 60-Don_Quichotte.wmv
Magazine 60 – Don Quichotte (Short Edit) (Clean).mp4
Mel & Kim – Respectable (Clean) (Extended).mp4
Mel and Kim – Respectable (Main & Q’s Rare Mix) (Remix).mp4
Nancy Martinez – For Tonight (Clean).mp4
Nice & Wild – Diamond Girl video remix VJ RECO70Y80 santiago de chile.mp4
Phaeax – Talk About (Italian Tv 1983) (Italo-Disco) (HQ)..mp4
Pretty Poison – Catch Me (I’m Falling) (Clean).mp4
Shannon – Give Me Tonight (Clean).mp4
Stevie B – I Wanna Be The One (Clean).mp4
Stevie B – In My Eyes (Clubmix) (Clean).mp4
Stevie B – Spring Love (Xtendz) – Clean.mp4
Stevie B – Spring Love [Xtendz].mp4
Stevie B -Spring_Love_John_Cha_intro_-_outro_edit.mp4
Stevie B. – Party your body (HQ).mp4
Stop – Wake Up.mp4
Sunbelt – Spin It (1981).mp4
Sweet Sensation – Never Let You Go (Freestyle Remix) (Remix).mp4
Tapps – Forbidden Lover (DJ EkSeL Club Edit) (Remix).mp4
The Cover Girls – Because of You (Clean).mp4
The Cover Girls – Show Me (Clean).mp4
The Flirts – Danger (Club Mix) (Remix).mp4
The Flirts – Passion.mp4
The Good Girls – Your Sweetness [requests] (Remix).mp4
Timmy T – Time After Time (Clean).mp4
Trinere – Ill Be All You Ever Need.mp4
freestyle- The Party Has Just Begun.mp4