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If You are creative DJ/VJ who wants to promote himself and share its work with the rest of the Deejay Zone community, then you can send to us your Promo materials (remixes/originals) and we will publish it to the website for free.

We have only a few requirements:
1. The content should be created by you and you only (no matter if it is an original track or a remix/mashup/bootleg)
2. Minimum required number of tracks is 3. If you send us 10 or more tracks we will publish these as a pack with your desired name (eg: “Awesome Deejay Pack Vol. Nth“).  If your tracks are less then 10, then we will merge them with the rest of the promo content and will publish as soon as possible, packed as “DJ Promo Pack Vol. Nth

Sending your content to us means that you give us the right to share it for free on this site and the rest of the sites in our network.

How to send us Your promo material?
Archive the content in *.rar or *.zip format without password and then upload it to Fill the form bellow properly and click the “Send Promo” button. That’s it. We will then verify Your pack and schedule it for publishing.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us at any time.

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