Crooklyn Clan Ressurection [2012] Part. 13

Name Key BPM Length Size
Claudio D 212 Disco Mix (House Mix)[Dirty] 8A 128 05:45 13.18MB
Claudio D 212 Hip Hop Mix (Claudio D Hip Hop Mix)[Dirty] 10A 109 04:05 9.36MB
Claudio D Breath And Stop Loop (Claudio D Loop)[Clean] 8A 102 03:01 5.53MB
Claudio D Can You Feel The Beat (Claudio D Mashup)[Clean] 6A 128 04:30 10.30MB
Claudio D Crazy Conga (Claudio D Mashup)[Clean] 9A 127 04:05 9.38MB
Claudio D Feeling So Good Loop (Loop)[Clean] 5A 108 02:49 5.17MB
Claudio D Fresh Prince (Claudio D House Mix)[Clean] 4A 126 04:32 10.39MB
Claudio D Get Your Freak On Loop (Claudio D Loop)[Clean] 3A 100 03:02 6.96MB
Claudio D Holla Back Youngin Loop (Claudio D Loop)[Clean] 1A 109 03:11 5.84MB
Claudio D I Wanna Rock (Claudio D House Mix)[Clean] 1A 128 04:07 9.46MB
Claudio D Loca People Devotion Mix (Claudio D Mashup)[Clean] 12A 130 05:07 11.74MB
Claudio D Love Like This Loop (Claudio D Loop)[Clean] 7B 101 03:00 6.90MB
Claudio D Magic (Claudio D House Mix)[Clean] 6A 130 03:41 8.46MB
Claudio D Monalisa Loop (Claudio D Loop)[Clean] 5A 104 03:04 7.05MB
Claudio D One More Chance Loop (Claudio D Loop)[Clean] 9A 91 03:20 7.66MB
Claudio D Pon De Replay Loop (Claudio D Loop)[Clean] 11A 99 03:04 7.03MB
Claudio D Pull Up To The Bumper Loop (Claudio D Loop)[Clean] 10A 108 02:49 6.47MB
Claudio D Punjabi Loop (Claudio D Loop)[Clean] 2A 100 02:50 6.52MB
Claudio D Rumor Has It (Claudio D House Mix)[Clean] 1A 127 05:15 12.04MB
Claudio D Set Fire To The Rain (Claudio D Mashup)[Clean] 7A 128 04:45 10.90MB
Claudio D Starships Hip Hop Mix 166 34336.Mp3 (Claudio D Mashup)[Clean] 10A 104 03:41 8.46MB
Claudio D Where Have You Been Disco Mix (Claudio D Disco Mix)[Clean] 5A 128 03:52 8.87MB
Claudio- D Where Have You Been Slaming Rework (Claudio D House Mix)[Clean] 5A 128 04:59 11.44MB
Dj Claudio D – 212-Claudio-D-S-Disco-Mix 166 35907.Mp3 (Claudio D House Mix)[Dirty] 8A 128 05:45 13.18MB
Dj Claudio D – Claudio D Work It Loop 166 36249.Mp3 (Claudio D Loop)[Clean] 1A 103 03:22 6.20MB
Dj Claudio D – Hot In Here Loop (Claudio D Loop)[Clean] 9A 107 02:46 6.36MB
Dj Claudio D – Insane In The Brain Loop (Claudio D Loop)[Clean] 7A 104 03:13 7.39MB
Mashup Wreckaz 50 Cent – Baby By Trebol Aca In Aca Out 97Bpm.mp3 (Remix)[Dirty] 5A 95 03:39 8.39MB
Mashup Wreckaz 50 Cent – Mashupwreckaz Baby By Trebol Blend Main 187 53596.Mp3 (Remix)[Dirty] 5A 95 03:56 9.02MB
Mashup Wreckaz Alex Kyza – Quien Te Tijo Blend.mp3 (Remix)[Dirty] 12A 100 04:56 11.32MB
Total size: 260.99MB (30 files)
Total length: 01:56:11
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