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GIJS COX The Official Smashpack 2019.4

Name Key BPM Length Size
Beats For The Ladies 0 00:16 0.18MB
BeyoncГ© Ft Sean Paul- Baby Boy (Diaz&bruno Ft Gijs Cox Edit 2019) (Master) 5A 104 03:42 8.58MB
Bizzey Ft Yung Felix- Insta (Gijs Cox’ Extended Edit) (Master) 5A 94 03:06 7.21MB
Blasterjaxx Vs Chuckie- Honk Narco (Gijs Cox’ 2019 Smashup) (Master) 4A 130 01:59 4.64MB
Boys Noize- Killer (Gijs Cox’ Extended Edit) (Master) 3A 124 05:51 13.48MB
Craissy Insomnia (Gijs Cox’ Epic Intro 2019) (Master) 10A 107 04:30 10.41MB
Criss Source- Hugs & Kisses (Jerome Robins Remix) (Gijs Cox’ Short Edit) (Master) 1B 126 04:08 9.55MB
Crypsis- Break Down Low (Gijs Cox’ Cutdown Edit) (Master) 4A 150 04:06 9.49MB
D-Block & S-Te-Fan- Fired Up (Gijs Cox’ Short ‘funky Beats’ Edit) (Master) 8A 150 02:29 5.80MB
Daav One- Pressure X Be My Lover (Gijs Cox’ Cutdown Edit) (Master) 5A 125 02:22 5.52MB
Delerium Vs Dannic- Whip Silence (Gijs Cox’ 2019 Smashup) (Master) 3A/4A 126 03:26 7.96MB
Dj Funk- Booty Perculatin (Gijs Cox’ Short Edit) (Master) 1A 125 03:25 7.93MB
Dj Isaac- Burn (Gijs Cox Cutdown Edit) (Master) 8A 150 04:41 10.81MB
Dj Snake Vs Mike Cervello- Loco Child (Gijs Cox’ 2019 Smashup) (Master) 7A 130 02:16 5.30MB
Fatboy Slim Vs Shm Vs D’angello- Eat Sleep Shake Antidote (Gijs Cox’ 2019 Smashup) (Master) 6A 130 03:36 8.34MB
Fenix- Mr. Ego (Gijs Cox’ Short Party Edit) (Master) 6A 147 02:31 5.87MB
Freddie Moreira- Omlaag (Gijs Cox’ 126-105 Bpm Transition) (Master) 6B 126 02:46 6.44MB
Gijs Cox- Shakedown 2K19 (Master) 4A 126 03:31 8.15MB
Gta- Milky Cabrera (Gijs Cox’ Short Edit) (Master) 7A 125 02:04 4.82MB
Hardstyle Shit In This Mf 0 00:11 0.15MB
Higher Black Out (Gijs Cox’ 2019 Smashup) (Master) 8A 126 06:21 14.64MB
Intro Tos 2019.4 0 00:23 0.22MB
Jayh Ft Broederliefde- We Leven Nu (Gijs Cox’ 95 Bpm Extended Edit) (Master) 12A 95 02:38 6.15MB
Joyhauser- Rtrig (Gijs Cox 129 Bpm Short Edit) (Master) 3A 129 03:43 8.61MB
Lunaman- Nutcracka (Gijs Cox’ Short Edit) (Master) 9A 95 01:18 3.08MB
Moko- Fly (Gijs Cox’ Intro Tool) (Master) 7A 125 05:04 11.69MB
Niels Van Gogh- Pulvertum (Denise Schneider Remix) (Gijs Cox’ 129 Bpm Short Edit)(Master) 7A 129 03:43 8.63MB
Outro 0 00:17 0.19MB
Panic At The Disco- High Hopes (Gijs Cox 125-160 80Bpm Transition Edit) (Master) 7B 125 04:26 10.25MB
Qulinez- Hookah (Gijs Cox’ 2018 Short Edit) (Master) 9A 128 02:00 4.70MB
Sander Van Doorn- Drink To Get Drunk (Gijs Cox’ 2019 Short Edit) (Master) 9A 128 05:00 11.53MB
Shm Vs Oliver Heldens- Leave The Wombass Behind (Gijs Cox’ 2019 Smashup) (Master) 2A 126 04:41 10.82MB
Sidney Samson Ft Lil Jon Vs Juyen Sebulba- Mutate Cowbell (Gijs Cox’ 2019 Smashup) (Master) 4A 128 03:56 9.10MB
Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano- In My Mind (Gijs Cox’ Lion King Intro Edit) (Master) 1A 128 04:10 9.63MB
Sxteen- Brum Brum (Gijs Cox’ Extended Edit) (Master) 3A 125 02:23 5.58MB
Tcts Vs Bep- My Lazerbeams (Gijs Cox’ 2019 Smashup) (Master) 9A 124 04:39 10.75MB
The Official Preview Mix 2019.4 4A 127 14:58 34.37MB
The Official Smashpack 2019.4 Voice 9A 105 00:03 0.10MB
The Partysquad- Time To Rave (Gijs Cox’ Short 140 Bpm Edit) (Master) 12B 140 02:19 5.43MB
The Record Train (Gijs Cox’ 2019 Smashup) (Master) 8B 150 02:19 5.42MB
Whoomp Gekke Boys Intro Tool (Gijs Cox’ 150 Bpm) (Master) 9A 150 01:31 3.58MB
Yung Felix & Bizzey- Last Man Standing (Gijs Cox’ 125 Bpm Extended Edit) (Master) 5A 125 03:04 7.13MB
Total size: 322.24MB (42 files)
Total length: 02:19:52
Download link available for Registered users only