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Remix Planet [07-DEC-2019]

Name Key BPM Length Size
93Punx Vic Mensa – Camp America (Top 40 Redrum) Clean 4A 154 04:09 9.53MB
93Punx Vic Mensa – Camp America (Top 40 Redrum) Dirty 4A 154 04:09 9.53MB
Boom Boom (Reggaeton Mashups Redrum) 110 Bpm Clean 5A 110 04:09 9.55MB
Ciara – Goodies 2K19 (House Mixshow Edit)[Clean] 0 04:08 9.51MB
Dj Snake Feat Justin Bieber Let Me Love You Dance Top 40 Clean 0 04:09 9.53MB
Ed Sheeran – Photograph (Piano Cello Cover) – Brooklyn Duo 0 04:08 9.54MB
Honorebel Jiggle Dancehall Redrum Clean 7A 100 04:09 9.53MB
Honorebel Jiggle Dancehall Redrum Dirty 7A 100 04:09 9.53MB
J Balvin & Bad Bunny – Que Pretendes – Hype Intro (Clean) 3A 94 04:08 9.54MB
Kda Tinie Tempah Katy B Turn The Music Louder Dance Top 40 Clean 0 04:09 9.53MB
Luigi 21 Plus Ft J Balvin – Siempre Papi’ Nunca Inpapi (Hype Intro) (Dirty) 1A 100 04:09 9.58MB
Maroon 5 Ft. Christina Aguilera – Moves Like Jagger – Rogerson Remix – Dj Arman Aveiru Hype Intro (Clean) 125 10A 125 04:09 9.57MB
Remixfreakz – Dieter Bohlen – You’re My Heart You’re My Soul (Redrum Orchestral Version) (123 Bpm Clean) 12A 123 04:09 9.54MB
Remixfreakz Dilemma Moombah Rework Clean 0 04:10 9.57MB
Sean Paul When It Comes To You Breakz Intro Outro Clean 0 04:09 9.52MB
Sean Paul When It Comes To You Top 40 Redrum Clean 3A 125 04:09 9.53MB
Shide Boss Ft Chip – Youre The One (G Funk Redrum) Dirty 2A 100 04:09 9.53MB
Tdot Illdude – One Too Many (G Funk Redrum) Dirty 11A 154 04:09 9.52MB
The Chainsmokers Paris Dance Top 40 Clean 0 04:09 9.52MB
Tiesto & Mabel – God Is A Dancer (Party Starter)[Clean] 0 04:09 9.57MB
Tory Lanez Quavo Tyga – Broke Leg (Acapella Intro Outro) Dirty 0 04:09 9.52MB
Tyga Geazy Rich The Kid – Girls Have Fun (75 100 Transition G Funk Redrum) Dirty 6A 150 04:09 9.52MB
Wash Rihanna Cant Trust Wild Thots Word Play Segway Clean – Funk Edit 0 04:09 9.52MB
Whoaa – Pink Starburst (G Funk Redrum) Clean 10A 115 04:10 9.56MB
Yellow – Coldplay (Cello & Piano) [Brooklyn Duo] 0 04:08 9.55MB
Total size: 238.45MB (25 files)
Total length: 01:43:43
Download link available for Registered users only