Cuba Remix [01-FEB-2024]

Name Key BPM Length Size
Bad Bunny Ft. Mora – Una Vez (Intro Outro Dirty) Dj Franco 10A 84 04:14 9.82MB
Bulova X Jerry Di X Cauty X Kiddte – Indica (Intro Outro Clean) Dj Ghost 2A 117 04:14 9.82MB
Dj Unic Ft Lobo Malo – Planeta Marte (Introoutro’ Clean) Dj Rady 5B 124 04:13 9.77MB
El Alfa Ft. Farruko – Scarface (Intro Outro Clean) Dj Franco 9A 130 04:13 9.78MB
El Chulo & Dany Mg – Mi Novia Tiene Novia (Intro Outro Dirty) Hectico Dj 6B 120 04:13 9.78MB
El Chulo Ft Farruko – Giro 360 (Intro Outro Dirty) Dj Machine 3A 84 04:14 9.81MB
El Chulo Ft. Farruko – Giro 360 (Intro Outro Clean) Dj Franco 3A 84 04:14 9.82MB
El Chulo X Yoani Star – Culetear – (Intro Dirty Outro) David Krass 6A 102 04:14 9.81MB
Feliz Halloween Vs Dr. Dre Ft. Snoop Dogg – Still D.r.e. (Acapella-Starter)(Extended Outro Dirty) Raico Dj 3A 94 04:13 9.78MB
Ice Mc Vs Ab – Think About The Way Vs Mi Guaracha (Starter Break Outro Clean) Hectico Dj 7A 129 04:13 9.77MB
Los 4 – Fuera De Liga (Introoutro Clean) Raico Dj 7A 107 04:13 9.78MB
Los 4 Ft La Diosa – Ahora (Intro Outro Clean) Dj Machine 7B 122 04:13 9.80MB
Los 4′ La Diosa – Ahora (Intro Outro Clean) Raico Dj 7B 122 04:13 9.69MB
Maluma Ft Cosculluela – Pretextos V 1- (Intro Dirty Outro) David Krass 11A 87 04:14 9.81MB
Mary J. Blige – Family Affair (Acapella Starter)(Extended Outro Dirty) Raico Dj 1A 93 04:13 9.77MB
Miami Sound Machine – Conga! (Break-Intro Outro Clean) Raico Dj 9A 123 04:13 9.78MB
Natti Natasha Ft. Cazzu’ Farina’ La Duraka – Las Nenas (Intro Outro Clean) Dj Ghost 1A 105 04:13 9.77MB
Pepelacera Vs Papelacero – (Intro Break Outro) David Krass 7A 117 04:14 9.82MB
Pitbull Feat. Marc Anthony – Rain Over Me Vs Timber (Blend)(Intro Outro Clean) Raico Dj 1A 130 04:13 9.80MB
Sech & Arcangel – Te Acuerdas (Intro Outro Clean) Hectico Dj 3A 90 04:13 9.78MB
Sech – 911(Intro Outro Acapella Starters Dirty) Raico Dj 9A 93 04:13 9.77MB
Wisin’ Chris Andrew’ Rauw Alejandro’ Los Legendarios – Es Que Tu (Chorus In)(Intro Outro Dirty) Raico Dj 1B 88 04:13 9.79MB
Yandel & J Balvin – No Te Vayas (Intro Outro Clean) Hectico Dj 9A 85 04:14 9.81MB
Yulien Oviedo’ Yomil’ El Chacal’ El Micha’ Jayby – Flotando (Intro Outro Clean) Raico Dj 11A 91 04:13 9.79MB
Total size: 234.91MB (24 files)
Total length: 01:41:20
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