MaxVidz [15-JUL-2021]

Name Length Size
2 Brothers On The 4Th Floor – Dreams (Original) 03:08 74.05MB
2 Brothers On The 4Th Floor – Fairytales (Original) 03:27 81.86MB
2 Brothers On The 4Th Floor – Fly (Original) 03:24 80.04MB
5 Seconds Of Summer – Teeth (Xmix Edit) 03:51 108.77MB
Abc – The Look Of Love (Les Bisous Remix) 04:12 93.42MB
Afrojack Ft. David Guetta – Hero (Intro-Outro) 03:14 82.23MB
Alex Gargolas Ft. Lyanno. Brytiago – Inocentes (Bross Edit) 04:31 114.82MB
Alexis. Fido Ft. Yandel – Te Reto (Intro-Outro) 04:31 114.61MB
Andy Andy Ft. Alex Matos – El Carino Es Como Una Flor (Slam Break Acapella) 03:21 83.68MB
Anitta – Girl From Rio (Intro-Outro) 03:39 94.64MB
Anthony Ramos – Blessings (Intro-Outro) 03:40 93.92MB
Arcade Fire – Everything Now (Choppe Davila Remix) 03:42 95.50MB
Arcangel Ft. Sech. Romeo Santos – Sigues Con El (Redrum Extended) 03:06 85.55MB
Audio Bullys Ft. Nancy Sinatra – Shot You Down (Intro-Outro) 03:12 72.54MB
Axel Rulay Ft. Farruko. El Alfa – Si Es Trucho Es Trucho (Bross Redrum) 05:29 144.42MB
Bad Bunny – Callaita (Bross Bootleg) 03:34 98.43MB
Bad Bunny – Yo Perreo Sola (80-97 Transition) 02:24 67.64MB
Bad Gyal – Zorra (Intro-Outro) 03:21 94.47MB
Becky G – They Aint Ready (Intro-Outro) 03:56 109.24MB
Beele – Loco (Intro-Outro) 03:48 103.71MB
Beele Ft. Farruko. Natti Natasha. Manuel Turizo – Loco (Intro-Outro) 03:57 109.67MB
Big Soto Ft. Jowell. Randy – Cuando Quieras (Bross Edit) 04:03 101.04MB
Black Eyed Peas – I Gotta Feeling (Spryte Remix) 03:57 101.65MB
Black Eyed Peas Ft. Ozuna. J Rey Soul – Mamacita (Extended) 04:34 126.45MB
Block And Crown Ft. Boyz R Busy – West End Girls (Nudisco Club Mix) 04:48 125.90MB
Boney M – Daddy Cool (Umberto Balzanelli Remix) 03:36 84.41MB
Brackem Ft. Dazen – Sobala (R4R Remix) 02:14 53.70MB
Brytiago Ft. Jay Wheeler – Desnudarte (Intro-Outro) 03:52 97.46MB
C. Tangana – Tu Me Dejaste De Querer (Bross Redrum) 02:55 76.55MB
Camilo – Si Estoy Contigo (Intro-Outro) 03:12 90.43MB
Cardi B – Up (Kong The Dj Remix) 02:45 70.10MB
Cazzu Ft. Myke Towers – Me Prefiere A Mi (Intro-Outro) 03:44 102.36MB
Ceky Viciny Ft. Haraca Kiko. Tivi Gunz – Demantelando (Intro-Outro) 03:05 82.08MB
Cheat Codes Ft. Marc E. Bassy – Do It All Over (Extended) 03:21 86.99MB
Chimbala Ft. El Fother – Party (Bross Edit) 03:12 80.55MB
Chimbala Ft. Juan Magan – Que Me Importa A Mi (Intro-Outro) 03:08 78.10MB
Chimbala Ft. Paramba – Me Olvide De Ti (Intro-Outro) 03:00 76.63MB
Chung Ha Ft. R3Hab – Dream Of You (Extended) 03:35 90.64MB
Classay – Tu Retrato (Slam Break Acapella) 04:16 105.43MB
Cyndi Lauper – Girls Just Want To Have Fun (Choppe Davila Remix) 03:21 85.59MB
Daddy Yankee – Corona (Freestyle) (Intro-Outro) 03:19 86.81MB
Daddy Yankee. Nicky Jam – Donde Estan Las Gatas (Acapella Break Edit) 02:48 64.73MB
Darkiel Ft. Shaggy. Maffio – Me Siento Bien (Acapella Starter) 03:18 84.70MB
David Guetta Ft. Sia – Lets Love (Dj Baur Remix) 04:12 108.96MB
Demi Lovato – I Love Me (Intro-Outro) 04:03 113.23MB
Deorro Ft. Jon Z – Ponte Pa Mi (Intro-Outro) 02:35 65.96MB
Divino – Simple Bandolero (Bross Edit) 03:36 96.22MB
Dj Kbz Ft. Axel Caram – Veneno De Serpiente (Extended) 04:01 112.10MB
Dj Unic Ft. El Chulo. Wow Popy – Refresca Teresa (Bross Edit) 03:31 94.24MB
Dlg – La Quiero A Morir (Steady Extended) 05:25 129.71MB
Doja Cat Ft. Sza – Kiss Me More (Ray Isaac Extended) 04:25 109.40MB
Don Diablo Ft. Camp Kubrick – Falling For You (Intro-Outro) 02:52 73.97MB
Dont Blink – The Lazer (Extended) 04:05 116.03MB
Dua Lipa – Break My Heart (Intro-Outro) 04:04 110.42MB
Dua Lipa – Hallucinate (Intro-Outro) (Lyric Video) 03:48 110.20MB
Dua Lipa – Levitating (Mr. Stan 80S Remix) 04:22 117.94MB
Dua Lipa – Were Good (Amice Remix) 04:16 111.04MB
Dua Lipa – Were Good (Ray Isaac Remix) 04:08 108.26MB
Duran Duran – Hungry Like A Wolf (Quick Kutz Edit) 02:56 74.56MB
Ecko Ft. Eladio Carrion – Baila (Intro-Outro) 02:49 68.33MB
Ed Sheeran – Perfect (Intro-Outro) 05:03 141.41MB
Ed Sheeran – Perfect (Select Mix Remix) 05:12 145.08MB
El Alfa – Arrebatao (Bross Edit) 02:51 73.03MB
El Alfa Ft. Haraca Kiko – Bebida Hookah Party (Intro-Outro) 03:00 76.85MB
El Chulo Ft. Lary Over – Riquisimo (Intro-Outro) 03:44 108.51MB
El Coyote Ft. Justin Quiles. Nio Garcia – Todos Perreando (Blayox Hype Edit) 02:56 76.36MB
El Freaky Ft. Juanes. Alfredo Gutierrez – Tesoro De Amor (Intro-Outro) 03:24 93.65MB
El Gemelo Ft. Brray. Jon-Z – Jeringoza (Bross Edit) 04:16 110.98MB
El Mega Ft. Ceky Viciny. Shelow Shaq. Shadow Blow – Pobrecito De Tu Ex (Intro-Outro) 03:38 96.18MB
El Micha Ft. Snow – Rico (Intro-Outro) 03:50 109.66MB
Eladio Carrion Ft. Britiago – 3 Am (Extended) 03:33 89.64MB
Eladio Carrion Ft. Jhay Cortez – Hielo (Extended) 03:06 78.62MB
Eminem – Without Me (Rogerson Remix) 03:35 91.75MB
Erasure – A Little Respect (Original) 03:24 80.33MB
Erasure – Breath Of Life (Original) 03:47 95.60MB
Erasure – Chains Of Love (Original) 03:35 91.30MB
Erasure – In My Arms (Original) 03:21 69.10MB
Erasure – Lay All Your Love On Me (Original) 04:36 111.62MB
Erasure – Love To Hate You (Hook Dance) (80S Redrum) 04:28 111.04MB
Erasure – Love To Hate You (Original) 03:47 92.76MB
Erasure – Oh L Amour (Quick Kutz Edit) 03:03 71.31MB
Erasure – Take A Chance On Me (Intro-Outro) 04:09 105.90MB
Erasure – Take A Chance On Me (Original) 03:40 92.07MB
Erasure – Victim Of Love (Original) 03:36 89.75MB
Erasure – Voulez Vous (Original) 05:29 145.58MB
Erasure – Who Needs Love (Like That) (Redrum Extended) 03:12 72.33MB
Farruko Ft. Arcangel. Lary Over. Rauw Alejandro – Huracheee (Intro-Outro) 04:34 118.82MB
Fatboy Slim – Praise You (N And D Redrum) 03:09 73.15MB
Fatboy Slim – The Rockafeller Skank (90S Funk Redrum) 03:59 95.27MB
Fatboy Slim – Weapon Of Choice (Intro-Outro) 04:04 95.59MB
Gente De Zona Ft. Becky G – Muchacha (Intro-Outro) 03:43 103.37MB
George Benson – Give Me The Night (Disconnected Remix) 03:49 90.99MB
George Michael – Faith (80S Redrum) 03:03 77.05MB
George Z Ft. Versus – R.a.v.e (Extended) 03:12 89.74MB
Gorgon City – Trapdoor (Extended) 04:51 127.40MB
Guelo Star Ft. Don Carmelo – Sin Ti (Intro-Outro) 04:10 103.09MB
Guns N Roses – Sweet Child Of Mine (Quick Kutz Edit) 03:02 70.95MB
Guns N Roses – Welcome To The Jungle (Redrum Edit) 03:24 80.34MB
Hanzel La H Ft. Juanka. Brray – Solido (Intro-Outro) 04:18 109.65MB
Hector. Tito – Cae La Noche (Bross Hype Edit) 03:07 77.86MB
Inxs – Beautiful Giri (Intro-Outro) 03:42 84.00MB
Inxs – New Sensation (Drum Refix) 04:26 110.91MB
Ir Sais Ft. Kevin Roldan – Una Chimbita (Bross Edit) 03:51 98.00MB
J Balvin – Azul (Acapella Break Performer) 03:24 92.12MB
J Balvin – Negro (Acapella Break Performer) 02:46 74.58MB
J Balvin – Rosa (Intro-Outro) 03:36 98.91MB
Jason Derulo – In My Head (Mt Soul Remix) 03:10 80.23MB
Jay Wheeler – Viendo El Techo (Blayox Hype Edit) 03:05 79.84MB
Jay Wheeler – Viendo El Techo (Slam Acapella) 02:49 72.85MB
Jay Wheeler Ft. Myke Towers – La Curiosidad (Intro-Outro) 03:33 91.25MB
Jeeiph – Te Veo (Intro-Outro) 03:05 74.18MB
Jennifer Lopez – In The Morning (Intro-Outro) 03:09 80.49MB
Jerry Di – El Diablo (Intro-Outro) 03:24 87.73MB
Jord Ft. Lowderz. Vektor – In The Morning (Intro-Outro) 04:00 103.99MB
Justin Quiles – Jeans (Salsa Remix) (Slam Acapella) 02:43 68.95MB
Karlos Rose – Just The Way You Are (Slam Acapella) 03:43 103.71MB
Karol G Ft. Mariah Angeliq – El Makinon (Djmag Remix) 03:19 85.02MB
Karol G Ft. Mariah Angeliq – El Makinon (Santarosa Acapella Edit) 03:32 86.74MB
Kate Bush – Babooshka (Intro-Outro) 03:10 68.26MB
Kiko El Crazy Ft. El Alfa. Farruko – Popi (Intro-Outro) 03:45 92.17MB
Kungs – Never Going Home (Extended) 04:35 122.10MB
La Manta – Azules (Intro-Outro) 03:16 85.14MB
Lary Over Ft. Farruko. Lirico En La Casa – Jarabito (Bross Edit) 03:44 94.43MB
Liro Shaq Ft. Ceky Viciny. El Mayor – Que Abran La Vaina (Intro-Outro) 02:41 70.06MB
Lisa Williams Ft. Cutmore – Its Not Right But Its Ok (Whitney Houston Cover) 04:11 102.09MB
Los Fonpa Ft. Rochy Rd – Damela (Extended) 02:51 73.53MB
Louis Tomlinson Ft. Bebe Rexha – Back To You (Quick Stacy Edit) 02:21 63.63MB
Luigi 21 Plus – De Eso Se Trata (Intro-Outro) 02:54 72.65MB
Luis Fonsi – Sway (From Songland) (Intro-Outro) 03:00 84.33MB
Luis Fonsi Ft. R3Hab. Sean Paul – Pues (Intro-Outro) 02:36 64.75MB
Lunay Ft. Myke Towers. Ozuna. Chencho. Rauw Alejandro – Mi Cama (Short Redrum) 03:08 86.79MB
Maikel Delacalle Ft. Guaynaa – Una Pregunta (Intro-Outro) 03:04 80.86MB
Matt Hunter Ft. Jerry Di – Sinceros (Intro-Outro) 03:23 87.97MB
Men At Work – Down Under (Adalwolf Remix) 03:54 97.28MB
Messiah Ft. Nicky Jam. Ozuna – Millonario (Da Phonk Edit) 03:56 96.79MB
Michael Jackson – Just A Little Bit Of You (Intro-Outro) 03:20 79.69MB
Migrantes Ft. Mya – No Bailo Pa Ti (Bross Edit) 03:14 84.65MB
Moodshift – What About My Love (Extended) 03:40 95.47MB
Mr. Vegas – Heads High (Frequency Moombah) 02:46 67.03MB
Nacho Ft. Greeicy – Contigo (Intro-Outro) 03:07 77.10MB
Ottawan – D.i.s.c.o (Jnr Remix) 03:29 83.66MB
Ozuna – Danzau Trumpet (Mashup Extended) 02:44 78.49MB
Polo G – Rapstar (Petedown Fiesta Mix) 02:52 70.92MB
Quimico Ultra Mega Ft. La Perversa. Kingz Daddy – Siguelo Moviendo (Intro-Outro) 03:54 97.89MB
Rihanna Ft. Drake – Work (Tony B Remix) 02:44 69.74MB
Run Dmc – Its Like That (Giovi Mmxxi Bootleg) 05:21 140.76MB
Sisqo – Thong Song (Patch Safari Remix) 06:17 169.12MB
Soul Ll Soul – Jazzies Groove (Intro-Outro) 02:51 73.74MB
Spice Ft. Sean Paul. Shaggy – Go Down Deh (Intro-Outro) 03:04 80.65MB
Tainy Ft. Kris Floyd. Hozwal – Gramos (Intro-Outro) 02:59 77.50MB
Tate Mcrae – You Broke Me First (Ligotti Remix) 04:39 105.81MB
The Chainsmokers Ft. Kygo – Family (Steve D Redrum) 03:42 100.24MB
The Police – De Do Do Do De Da Da Da (Intro-Outro) 03:40 95.95MB
The Weeknd – Blinding Lights (Hype Boyz Remix) 03:01 79.82MB
The Weeknd Ft. Ariana Grande – Save Your Tears (Intro-Outro) 03:23 82.00MB
Total size: 14,336.39MB (155 files)
Total length: 09:17:51
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