Redrums [02-MAY-2021]

Name Length Size
Abba – That’s Me (70S Redrum)[Clean] 03:26 7.89MB
Ariana Grande – Positions (Remix Redrum) Clean 03:50 8.81MB
Bay City Rollers – Remember (Sha La La La) (70S Redrum)[Clean] 02:53 6.62MB
Bazzi – Ifly (Extended Redrum) Dirty 03:48 8.77MB
Bts – Dynamite (2021 Pop Redrum) [113 Bpm] 03:49 8.80MB
Captain Hollywood – Over And Over (90S Redrum)[Clean] 03:58 9.09MB
Chumbawamba – Tubthumping (90S Pop Redrum V2)[Clean] 04:11 9.60MB
Cypress Hill – Insane In The The Brain (90S Hiphop Redrum) Dirty [106 Bpm] 03:48 8.76MB
Daddy Yankee – Problema (Aaar Redrum) (Dirty Extended) 03:12 7.35MB
Daddy Yankee – Problema (Aaar Redrum) (Dirty Short Edit) 01:30 3.49MB
Danileigh Dababy Levi High Breakz Intro Outro Redrum Clean 03:49 8.81MB
Danileigh Dababy Levi High Breakz Intro Outro Redrum Dirty 03:49 8.81MB
Dave Dobbyn – Slice Of Heaven (Dj Sequel Drum Refix)[Clean] 04:25 10.13MB
Debbie Gibson – Electric Youth (80S Simple Redrum)[Clean] 03:44 8.59MB
Diana Ross – The Boss (80S Redrum)[Clean] 04:31 10.38MB
Dj Jeff – It’s A Heartache (70’s Country Rock Re-Drum) 03:49 8.78MB
Dj Rocco Dj Ever Dance Now Ext Redrum Clean 03:50 8.80MB
Drewboy – Trap House Bounce (Extended Redrum) Clean 03:49 8.79MB
Drewboy – Trap House Bounce (Extended Redrum) Dirty 03:49 8.79MB
Flo Rida Ft Stayc Reign – Freaking Out (Redrum) 128 Bpm Clean 03:22 7.76MB
Fly Project – Fly Project – Get Wet (Dance Redrum) 88 Bpm Clean 03:49 8.76MB
Hanson – Mmm Bop (90S Pop Redrum V2)[Clean] 04:35 10.50MB
Jamiroquai – Virtual Insanity (90S Redrum)[Clean] 06:12 14.21MB
Jason Cerda J Rythm Ella Good Good Ext Redrum Dirty 03:50 8.80MB
Jerry Di Mi Cuarto Ext Redrum Clean 03:50 8.79MB
Johnny Logan – Whats Another Year (80S Redrum) 104 Bpm Clean 03:23 7.75MB
Justin Bieber Travis Scott Second Emotion Break Intro Redrum Clean 03:49 8.81MB
Justin Bieber Travis Scott Second Emotion Break Intro Redrum Dirty 03:49 8.81MB
Laura Branigan – Gloria (80S Redrum)[Clean] 05:07 11.74MB
Lian Ross – Say Youll Never Go (80S Redrum)[Clean] 04:39 10.66MB
Los Umbrellos – No Tengo Dinero 109 (90S Latin Pop Redrum)[Clean] 04:12 9.63MB
M People – Moving On Up (Dj Sequel Hype Drum Refix)[Clean] 03:56 9.02MB
Madonna – La Isla Bonita (80S Simple Redrum)[Clean] 04:38 10.62MB
Men At Work – Who Can It Be Now (80S Rock Extended Redrum) (Clean) [126 Bpm] 03:48 8.77MB
Michael Buble – Sway (Redrum) Clean 128Bpm 03:22 7.75MB
Michael Jackson – Leave Me Alone (80S Redrum)[Clean] 05:04 11.62MB
Mike Epps Big Boi Sleepy Brown – We Goin Out (Top 40 Redrum) Dirty 03:48 8.75MB
Mitch Yg – Go Live (Extended Redrum) Clean 03:49 8.79MB
Mitch Yg – Go Live (Extended Redrum) Dirty 03:49 8.79MB
Myke Towers – Pin Pin (Dj Mhark Redrum)[Dirty] 03:23 7.75MB
New Baccara – Fantasy Boy (80S Redrum)[Clean] 07:12 16.51MB
Outkast Ft Kelis – Draculas Wedding (Extended 90S Redrum) 102 Bpm Clean 03:22 7.72MB
Paula Abdul – Cold Hearted (80S Redrum V2)[Clean] 04:09 9.53MB
Pet Shop Boys – Always On My Mind (80S New Wave Redrum) 128 Bpm Clean 03:48 8.76MB
Racey – Lay Your Love On Me (70S Redrum)[Clean] 03:31 8.08MB
Ray Dahrouge – Steppin’ Out (Dj Mhark Redrum)[Clean] 04:07 9.44MB
Robin Roxette – Chocolate (Intro Outro Redrum) Dirty 03:50 8.79MB
Sada Baby – Whole Lotta Choppas (Remix) [Feat. Nicki Minaj] (Top40 Redrum) 128 Bpm Clean 03:22 7.77MB
Sada Baby – Whole Lotta Choppas (Remix) [Feat. Nicki Minaj] (Top40 Redrum) 128 Bpm Dirty 03:22 7.77MB
Sech – Sal Y Perrea (Luis R Re-Drum Short Edit)[Clean] 02:10 4.97MB
Sech – Sal Y Perrea (Luis R Re-Drum)[Clean] 03:20 7.67MB
Sneakk Feat. Tyga & Yg – Spray (Dj Dexterous Redrum) (Clean) 04:10 9.58MB
Sneakk Feat. Tyga & Yg – Spray (Dj Dexterous Redrum) (Dirty) 04:10 9.58MB
The Charlie Callelo Orchestra – Sing Sing Sing (Dj Mhark Redrum)[Clean] 04:10 9.56MB
The Corrs – The Corrs – Breathless (Rock Extended Redrum) 127 Bpm Clean 03:48 8.77MB
The Kinks – Come Dancing (Dj Mhark Redrum)[Clean] 04:09 9.54MB
The Kinks – You Really Got Me (Dj Mhark Redrum)[Clean] 01:59 4.55MB
The Strikers – Inch By Inch (Dj Mhark Redrum)[Clean] 04:17 9.84MB
The Weeknd & Ariana Grande – Save Your Tears (Remix) (Dj Mhark Redrum)[Clean] 03:48 8.73MB
Thomas Rhett – Unforgettable (Country Redrum) 130 Bpm Clean 03:21 7.71MB
Tony! Toni! Tone!’ Dj Qhik – Let’s Get Down (90S Pop Redrum)[Clean] 05:13 11.96MB
Ultravox – Dancing With Tears In My Eyes (80S Redrum)[Clean] 04:35 10.50MB
Vanessa Williams – Running Back To You (90S R&b Redrum)[Clean] 05:30 12.61MB
Village People – Ymca (Extended Redrum Dance) Clean 128Bpm 03:22 7.75MB
Wham – Wake Me Up Before You Go Go (Dj Sequel Drum Refix)[Clean] 03:33 8.13MB
Who Da Funk – Shiny Disco Balls (Dj Mhark Redrum)[Dirty] 03:58 9.11MB
World Without End – Giving It Up (80S Redrum) 118 Bpm Clean 03:23 7.79MB
Total size: 601.86MB (67 files)
Total length: 04:21:53
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