Remix Planet [22-JUN-2022]

Name Key BPM Length Size
Alex Party Dont Give Me Your Life 90S Redrum Clean 3A 128 04:00 9.16MB
Bobby Caldwell What You Wont Do For Love 80S Redrum Clean 3B 84 04:00 9.16MB
Brothers In Rhythm – Such A Good Feeling (90S Redrum) Clean 5A 124 04:00 9.16MB
Dead Or Alive – You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) (Zslickharn 80S Eurodance Rebuild) 134 Bpm Cln 1B 134 03:57 9.09MB
Eve Ft. Gwen Stefani – Let Me Blow Your Mind (Zslickharn Tb-2000S 8 Bar I.o) 90 Bpm Dty 1A 90 03:58 9.12MB
Gina G – Ooh Ahh… Just A Little Bit (Zslickharn 90S Eurodance Rebuild) 132 Bpm Cln 3B 132 03:57 9.09MB
Giorgio Moroder – Knights In White Satin (Zslickharn 70S Disco Rebuild) 110 Bpm Cln 6A 110 03:57 9.21MB
Lutricia Mcneal – My Side Of Town (90S Extended Mix) 100Bpm Clean 6B 100 04:00 9.19MB
Lutricia Mcneal – Perfect Love (Workout Redrum) 100Bpm Clean 10A 100 04:00 9.19MB
Myke Towers X Camila Cabello X Tainy – Oh Na Na (Dj Hope Hype Intro Edit) 8A 115 03:57 9.08MB
Phats & Small – Turn Around (Dj Yan 90S Dance Redrum) 132Bpm Clean 11A 132 04:00 9.19MB
Phats And Small – Feel Good (Dj Yan 90S Dance House) 128Bpm Clean 10A 128 04:00 9.19MB
Ruff Endz No More Remix 90S Redrum Clean 2A 102 04:02 9.26MB
Shaggy Ft. Kat Deluna – Dame (Afrobeat Dance) 122Bpm Clean 3B 122 04:00 9.19MB
The Sicilians Ft Angelo Venuto – L’italiano (Zslickharn 2000S Eurodance Rebuild) 139 Bpm Cln 8A 139 03:57 9.09MB
The Trammps Disco Inferno 80S Extended Redrum Clean 5A 128 04:01 9.23MB
Undercover Never Let Her Slip Away 90S Extended Redrum Clean 6B 123 04:01 9.23MB
Unk X Tyga – Walk It Out X Mrs Bubblegum (Dj Hope Wordplay Transition) (80-88 Bpm Clean) 5A 107 03:58 9.25MB
Unk X Tyga – Walk It Out X Mrs Bubblegum (Dj Hope Wordplay Transition) (80-88 Bpm Dirty) 5A 107 03:58 9.25MB
Xscape – Feels So Good (Old School Redrum) 92Bpm Clean 6A 92 04:00 9.19MB
Total size: 183.56MB (20 files)
Total length: 01:19:43
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