Remix Planet [25-DEC-2023]

Name Key BPM Length Size
50 Cent Daddy Yankee Pitbull Bad Bunny – Hot Party (Acapella Intro Transition Edit) Clean 97-130Bpm 12A 97 05:21 12.28MB
50 Cent Daddy Yankee Pitbull Bad Bunny – Hot Party (Acapella Intro Transition Edit) Dirty 97-130Bpm 12A 129 05:21 12.28MB
A.b. Logic – Ab Logic (Yan Classic Dance Redrum) 130Bpm Clean 7A 130 05:19 12.22MB
Bobby Brown – Thats The Way Love Is (Yan Classic Redrum) 110Bpm Clean 2A 110 05:16 12.07MB
Dj Jeff – Midnight Train To Georgia (70’s Rnb Soul Re-Drum) 3A 87 05:20 12.21MB
El Coco – Cocomotion (Zslickharn 70S Disco Rebuild) 128 Bpm Cln 9A 128 05:16 12.22MB
Flo Rida Saucy Santana – Big Booty Get Low (Funk Wordplay Transition) Dirty 128-108Bpm 9A 128 05:17 12.13MB
George Clinton – Hollywood (Clean) 2A 102 05:21 12.34MB
James Brown – Living In America (Yan Classic Funk Redrum) 115Bpm Clean 8A 115 05:17 12.13MB
Jamiroquai – Little L (Yan Classic Mix) 122Bpm Clean 2A 122 05:18 12.29MB
Lost Boyz – Lifestyles Of The Rich And Shameless (Yan Redrum) 92Bpm Dirty 12A 92 05:18 12.15MB
Naughty Boy Ft. Kyla Reid – Should’ve Been Me (Yan Pop Reton) 92Bpm Clean 10B 92 05:15 12.18MB
Nelly – Hot In Herre 2023 (Yan Bootleg House Repeat) 125Bpm Clean 9A 125 05:14 12.04MB
Nelly Feat. City Spud – Ride Wit Me (Dj Allan Throwback Redrum Hype) 0 05:20 12.22MB
Paul Oakenfold X David Guetta’ Marten Hrger – Sandstorm 2023 X The Freaks (Mashup) 132Bpm Clean 9A 132 05:16 12.13MB
Pissbreak Kingz – Top Down Country Megamix (Clean) 0 45:42 105.05MB
Pitbull X Ne-Yo Vs Shouse – Give Me Everything Tonight (Yan Wordplay Segue Edit) 128Bpm Clean 5A 128 05:16 12.23MB
Shania Twain – Im Gonna Getcha Good (Yan Redrum) 125Bpm Clean 3A 125 05:14 12.04MB
Teriyaki Boyz Too Short Lil Jon – Tokyo Drift Shake That Monkey (Toneplay Transition Jessi Zoom Hooks) 126-100Bpm Dirty 3A 126 05:21 12.26MB
Tyree Cooper – Turn Up The Bass (Yan 80S Rap Classic Mix) 126Bpm Clean 8A 126 05:16 12.20MB
Total size: 336.69MB (20 files)
Total length: 02:26:18
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