Spin Back Promos [20-OCT-2020]

Name Key BPM Length Size
Alok & Vintage Culture Ft. Faulhaber – Party On My Own (Vip Mix) [Intro Clean] 9A 124 04:03 9.31MB
Anabel Englund – Picture Us (Nervo Remix) [Intro Clean] 10A 123 03:23 7.77MB
Ariana Grande & Jack Wins Ft. Francci Richard – Into You (Andrew Marks Killed Me With Love Edit) [Intro Clean] 11A 124 04:03 9.33MB
Benny Benassi Ft. Blush & Mutungi – Until The End Of Summer (Rivaz & Botteghi Remix) [Intro Clean] 7A 125 04:36 10.59MB
Black V Neck – Them Girls (Ernesto Remix) [Intro Clean] 6A 126 05:23 12.40MB
Chris Brown – Adrenaline Vs 3X Yeah (Nic Johnston Mashup) [Intro Clean] 11A 130 02:44 6.30MB
Chris Brown Vs Justin Bieber – Go Crazy Vs Sorry (Sell Out Mc Mashup) [Intro Clean] 5A 94 03:52 8.89MB
Chris Brown Vs Rihanna – Loyal Vs Bbhmm (Dj Owe Vs Gnge Hype Mix) [Intro Dirty] 2A 100 02:14 5.14MB
David Guetta & Chris Willis Vs. Firebeatz & Chocolate Puma Feat. Bishшp – Lullaby Is Gone (Wado’s Mash Up) [Intro Clean] 9A 128 03:07 7.21MB
Dion Dobbe – Memories X Zombie (Dion Dobbe Mashup) [Intro Dirty] 2A 128 05:44 13.26MB
Dua Lipa Ft. Dababy – Levitating (Petedown Flavor Mix) [Intro Clean] 10A 105 03:50 8.81MB
Dua Lipa’ J Balvin’ Bad Bunny & Tainy Vs. Mak Negron – Un Dia Mambo (One Day) [Gozzi Bootleg] (Intro Clean) 11A 126 03:39 8.38MB
Fleetwood Mac – Dreams (Deen Anthony Redrum) [Intro Clean] 8B 124 04:30 10.37MB
Jason Derulo X Moska Ft. Sara Jaramillo – Take You Dancing (Jp X T-Mo Loca Mashup) [Intro Clean] 7A 124 04:33 10.45MB
Jennifer Lopez & Maluma – Pa Ti (Jose De Mara & Crusy Remix) [Intro Clean] 7A 128 05:09 11.85MB
Jennifer Lopez & Maluma – Pa Ti (Los Padres & Jay Mac Remix) [Intro Clean] 7A 128 06:03 13.93MB
Jennifer Lopez – Let’s Get Loud (Dj Alex Ezhov Remix) [Intro Clean] 5A 124 03:45 8.65MB
Joe Killington – Painkiller (Sidney Samson Remix) [Intro Clean] 8A 124 03:55 9.01MB
Karen Harding X Digital Farm Animals – Undo My Heart (Lizot Remix) [Intro Clean] 1A 126 03:07 7.16MB
Kryder X Nino Lucarelli – Stay With Me (Alas Remix) [Intro Clean] 10A 124 05:09 11.86MB
Kryder X Nino Lucarelli – Stay With Me (Dave Ruthwell Remix) [Intro Clean] 10A 127 04:35 10.56MB
Kryder X Nino Lucarelli – Stay With Me (Still Young Remix) [Intro Clean] 10A 126 04:53 11.23MB
Last Call Vs. One Last Time (Tro And Tyo Prvt Edit) (Intro Clean) 4A 128 04:56 11.38MB
Marshmello & Demi Lovato – Ok Not To Be Ok(Jablonski & Tejeda Remix) [Intro Clean] 12A/12B 124 03:17 7.55MB
Marshmello Vs. Salasnich – Never Alone (Salasnich Mashup) [Intro Clean] 5B 126 04:11 9.63MB
Pop Smoke Ft. Lil Baby X Dababy – For The Night (Petedown 90 – 63 Transition) [Intro Clean] 11A 120 03:31 8.09MB
Saint Jhn – Georgous (Fraze Remix) [Intro Clean] 8A 110 01:35 3.69MB
Sam Smith’ Dannic – Diamonds (Andrew Marks Feeling Kinda Strange Edit) [Intro Clean] 3A 125 03:38 8.37MB
Stay With Me (Dave Summit Remix) (Intro Clean) 10A 127 04:35 10.56MB
Steff Da Campo & The Antidote’ Magnificence’ Sebastian Ingrosso & Alesso – Calling Home (Osushi-Tabezo Mashup) [Intro Clean] 12B 125 04:50 11.15MB
Topic’ A7S’ Lil Baby X Ghetto Flow – Why Do You Lie To Me (Avera Loco Mashup) [Intro Dirty] 9A 117 02:56 6.76MB
Total size: 289.64MB (31 files)
Total length: 02:05:46