DMC Classic Mixes I Love Madonna Vol. 3

Name Key BPM Length Size
Katy Perry Vs Madonna – California Gurls Vs Hung Up (Mixed By Guy Garrett) 7A 125 04:50 11.29MB
Madonna – Holiday (Dmc Soulful House Remix 2017) (Remixed By Dj Ivan Santana) 10A 126 05:06 11.91MB
Madonna – Madonna Classic Tracks (Mixed By Ian Sweeny) 5A 119 13:10 30.36MB
Madonna – Madonna Queen Of Pop Mix (Part 1 2 & 3) (Mixed By Kevin Sweeney) 0 18:58 43.64MB
Madonna – Open Your Heart (Remix By Ben Liebrand) 7B 113 07:31 17.43MB
Madonna Vs Example – Kickstart A Virgin (Dmc Bootymix) (Mixed By Allstar) 7B 126 04:02 9.46MB
Madonna Vs Faithless – Die Another Day Vs Insomnia (Sleep Another Day Mix) (Mixed By Guy Garrett) 5A 130 08:12 19.00MB
Madonna Vs Snap – Searching For The American Dream (Two Tracker) (Mixed By Guy Garrett) 11A 137 07:32 17.48MB
Madonna Vs The Vengaboys – Madonnas Ray Of Airscape (Two Tracker) (Mixed By Dam Mad Tunes) 6B 140 09:03 20.94MB
Total size: 181.51MB (9 files)
Total length: 01:18:24
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