Remix Planet [02-SEP-2023]

Name Length Size
Bush – Glycerine [90S Rock Redrum 2022] 114 Bpm 04:27 10.21MB
Cathy Dennis – Too Many Walls (G Funk Nudisco Remix) 04:27 10.27MB
Chicago – Hard To Say I’m Sorry [130 Bpm] Break Mix 04:28 10.23MB
Edward Maya – Knocking At Your Door (Yan Club Extended Mix) 125Bpm Clean 04:24 10.24MB
Erasure – A Little Respect (Funk Nu Disco House Edit) 122Bpm 04:27 10.23MB
Erasure – A Little Respect (Funk Woobled Edit) 122Bpm 04:27 10.23MB
Forrest – Rock The Boat (Remix) (Zslickharn 80S Disco Rebuild) 120 Bpm Cln 04:25 10.28MB
Foxy – The Way You Do The Things You Do (Zslickharn 70S Disco Rebuild) 128 Bpm Cln 04:25 10.28MB
Jordan Hill – For The Love Of You [Redrum] 93 Bpm Clean 04:28 10.25MB
Laura Branigan – Gloria [80S Hype Redrum] 131 Bpm 04:26 10.17MB
Laura Branigan – Gloria [80S Hype Redrum] 131Bpm 04:26 10.18MB
Laura Taylor – Dancin In My Feet (Zslickharn 70S Disco Rebuild) 128 Bpm Cln 04:25 10.28MB
Linkin Park Vs Darude – In The End Sandstorm (Yan Epic Mashup Edit) 128Bpm Clean 04:26 10.29MB
Ozuna X Akon – Comentale (Yan Latin Extended Mix) 103Bpm Clean 04:23 10.26MB
Portrait – Honey Dip (Yan Old School Redrum) 105Bpm Clean 04:25 10.14MB
Salt & Pepa – Push It G6 [80S Redrum 2021] 127 Bpm 04:27 10.22MB
Tears For Fears – Rule The World (G Funk Rework) 120Bpm Eq…. 04:28 10.30MB
Texas – In Our Lifetime [Redrum] 94 Bpm 04:25 10.15MB
Tina Turner – Break Every Rule (Yan 80S Redrum) 125Bpm Clean 04:24 10.14MB
Wang Chung – Everybody Have Fun Tonight (Funk Nu Disco Edit) Clean 128Bpm 04:28 10.26MB Vs Reel 2 Real – I Like To Move It (Yan Intros Party Edit) 127Bpm Clean 04:24 10.22MB
Total size: 214.85MB (21 files)
Total length: 01:33:05
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