Remixfreakz Remix Pack [July 2021]

Name Length Size
Remixfreakz – Africa (80S Pop Redrum) 120Bpm Clean 03:55 8.97MB
Remixfreakz – Already Best Friends (Hip Hop R&b Redrum) 103Bpm Dirty 03:57 9.07MB
Remixfreakz – As Long As You Love Me (90S Pop Redrum) 105Bpm Clean 03:53 8.90MB
Remixfreakz – California Love (Partybreak Rework) 92Bpm Clean 03:52 8.86MB
Remixfreakz – Diamonds (Top40 Mainstream-Pop Redrum) 104Bpm Clean 04:04 9.34MB
Remixfreakz – Don’t Mess With My Man (Throwback Redrum) 100Bpm Clean 04:04 9.35MB
Remixfreakz – Don’t Stop Movin (Throwback Redrum) 130Bpm Clean 04:03 9.30MB
Remixfreakz – Dynamite (Future House Redrum) 114Bpm Clean 03:51 8.84MB
Remixfreakz – Hey Ya! (Hip Hop-Rap Throwback Redrum) 159Bpm Clean 04:10 9.56MB
Remixfreakz – Higher (Extended Redrum) 104Bpm Clean 04:09 9.51MB
Remixfreakz – I Like It (Like That) (90’s Redrum) 128Bpm Clean 04:18 9.88MB
Remixfreakz – I Love Your Smile (90S Reggaeton Redrum) 98Bpm Clean 04:01 9.21MB
Remixfreakz – Jenny From The Block (Throwback Redrum) 100Bpm Clean 03:50 8.80MB
Remixfreakz – Let Me Find Out (Hip-Hop Pretty Fly Scratch Mix) 77Bpm Dirty 04:15 9.76MB
Remixfreakz – Men In Black (90’s Throwback Redrum) 108Bpm Clean 04:04 9.33MB
Remixfreakz – More Than A Woman (70S Pop Reggaeton Redrum) 106Bpm Clean 03:50 8.82MB
Remixfreakz – Pop That Booty (Dubstep-Trap Redrum Hype) 90Bpm Clean 03:49 8.75MB
Remixfreakz – Rose Gold (Hip Hop R&b Redrum) 80Bpm Clean 03:54 8.93MB
Remixfreakz – Still Trappin (Hip Hop R&b Extended Redrum Hype) 73Bpm Dirty 04:13 9.66MB
Remixfreakz – Teen X (Hip Hop R&b Redrum Hype) 74Bpm Dirty 04:19 9.90MB
Remixfreakz – The Loco-Motion (80’s Pop Redrum Intro Outro) 130Bpm Clean 04:00 9.16MB
Remixfreakz – Timber (Throwback Redrum) 130Bpm Clean 03:50 8.81MB
Remixfreakz – We Will Rock You (Moombahton-Trap Reboot) 95Bpm Clean 03:57 9.06MB
Remixfreakz – Words (80S Extended Redrum) 124Bpm Clean 04:00 9.16MB
Total size: 220.94MB (24 files)
Total length: 01:36:18
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