Remixfreakz Remix Pack [June 2021]

Name Length Size
Remixfreakz – Bug A Boo (Hype Rework) 105Bpm Clean 04:52 11.17MB
Remixfreakz – For The Night (Top40 Hip Hop R&b) 63Bpm Clean 04:34 10.47MB
Remixfreakz – Go Crazy (Top40 Hip Hop R&b Redrum Hype) 96Bpm Clean 04:22 10.02MB
Remixfreakz – Higher (Hip Hop R&b Redrum) 74Bpm Clean 04:35 10.52MB
Remixfreakz – Humpin’ Around (Old School Hip Hop R&b Redrum) 111Bpm Clean 04:47 10.98MB
Remixfreakz – Jump Around (Hype Reboot) 126Bpm Dirty 04:49 11.05MB
Remixfreakz – La Fuga (Latin Hype Rework) 99Bpm Clean 04:24 10.08MB
Remixfreakz – Love Story (Taylor’s Version) (Pop Redrum) 119Bpm Clean 04:26 10.16MB
Remixfreakz – Mambo (Latin Redrum) 128Bpm Clean 04:33 10.45MB
Remixfreakz – Man! I Feel Like A Woman! (Redrum Hype) 125Bpm Clean 04:23 10.04MB
Remixfreakz – Owner Of A Lonely Heart (80S Pop Redrum Hype) 128Bpm Clean 04:41 10.73MB
Remixfreakz – Purple Lamborghini (Dubstep-Trap Redrum) 74Bpm Clean 04:25 10.15MB
Remixfreakz – Shadow Dancing (70S Pop Extended Redrum) 102Bpm Clean 05:01 11.50MB
Remixfreakz – Slay3R (Hip Hop R&b Extended Redrum Hype) 70Bpm Dirty 04:20 9.95MB
Remixfreakz – Spicy (Hip Hop R&b Redrum Intro Outro) 100Bpm Clean 04:52 11.18MB
Remixfreakz – Survivor (Throwback Redrum) 81Bpm Clean 04:38 10.63MB
Remixfreakz – The Game Of Love (Throwback Pop Redrum) 120Bpm Clean 04:40 10.69MB
Remixfreakz – Where Do You Go (90’s Redrum) 127Bpm Clean 04:58 11.40MB
Remixfreakz – Wild Thing (Old School Hip Hop-Rap Redrum) 125Bpm Clean 04:32 10.41MB
Remixfreakz – You (Throwback Hip Hop R&b Redrum) 98Bpm Clean 05:08 11.78MB
Remixfreakz -The Choice Is Yours (Old School Hip Hop Hype Redrum) 102Bpm Clean 04:37 10.60MB
Total size: 223.95MB (21 files)
Total length: 01:37:37
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